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Thank you for being patient as we work to design a website that we hope will become your favorite website for food, quilts, crafts, and other creative expressions to help make your house a HOMEMADE home!

Soon you will be able to read reviews about books, patterns, and other craft products, discover ideas for a greenier household, and for a small membership fee, get patterns for quilt blocks, instructional videos, tasty recipes, and many more treats!

In the meantime please visit the Erik Homemade Coffee Break eZine at     http://erikhomemade.typepad.com

to get aquainted with Erik Homemade(R). Here you will be able to sample ideas, gather delicious recipes, view photos, download project instructions, and keep up-to-date with our Erik Homemade website progress!

We encourage you to keep in touch by adding the Erik Homemade Coffee Break eZine to your favorites list or by clicking on the "Subscribe to this Blog's Feed" button on the left side of the screen.

Happiness is homemade